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Product description

Targify Connected Car 360 is a really cool system that allows parents to accompany their young drivers, virtually, on every journey. It takes the pain out of getting permission to drive from your parents as they have less to worry about when you’re on the road alone.

It’s a simple, two-part system with a device that plugs into the car to monitor driving and an App for parents to see how their driving is going.

Product Highlights Include

  • Risky driving behaviour monitoring
  • Scores driver-safety performance
  • Current vehicle location
  • Journey history
  • Mobile phone use while driving
  • Full report for analysis

Requires the Targify App available on the following:


– Keeping Young Drivers safe and parents sane!

What is Targify, Connected Car 360?

Targify is a system that monitors the driving of young drivers using a little device that plugs easily into the car. Parents or Guardians can then keep an eye on their children’s driving using a convenient App on their phone.

Targify is for Families, not Insurers

The advanced technology behind Targify was designed for, and is currently being used by, Motor Insurers around the World.

We are delighted to now make this advanced technology available to parents so that they can guide young drivers during their first years, the most dangerous, on the road.

The idea is to alleviate the stress associated with allowing your novice son or daughter out on the road alone for the first time.

It’s a simple, two-part system with a device that plugs into the car to monitor driving and an App for
parents and to see how their driving is going.


Ok, so what does Targify do?

Targify tells you if your son or daughter is engaging in risky driving behaviour. You get this information on your smartphone, anywhere in the World. Targify allows you to see how fast they’re driving but also delivers other information that’s as important such as:

Harsh braking: Viewed by Insurers as a key-indicator of the likelihood that a driver will have an accident

Excessive acceleration: A regular amongst young males particularly, it increases the risk of losing control or hitting pedestrians

Harsh Cornering: Taking bends too quickly can easily cause a novice driver to lose control and crash.

Current location: Allows you to know where the vehicle is at any time

Journey review: See the routes taken by the vehicle in the past

Driving Score: See how their driving improves week-on-week. We start everyone on 100 points. Points are lost for aggressive driving. 1 is terrible driving. 100 is excellent.

“The Driver score is important as it informs parents at-a-glance as to how their novice driver is doing”.

It was developed using decades of knowledge in the provision of Insurance Telematics services to Motor Insurers, globally.

The Targify device monitors your son or daughter’s driving behaviour and lets you see if they’re engaging in risky driving behaviour such as: Harsh Braking, Acceleration, Cornering and shows you how fast they’re driving!

What’s included?

1. Risky driving behaviour notifications such as:

– Maximum speed of vehicle

– Harsh Braking

– Excessive Acceleration

– Dangerous cornering

2. Current vehicle location

3. Journey History and Speeds

4. Weekly driving-score to see whether driving is improving


You also get device unplug alerts by email, in case the device is disconnected from the vehicle!!



Has your teen recently passed their driving test?

Are you concerned about their overconfidence behind the wheel?

Do you worry they’re driving too fast or may be driving recklessly?


By installing this handy device and downloading a simple mobile app, you can check the car’s location, speed, and be notified of any risky driving behaviour.

The app provides a driver rating score too. This is calculated based on an algorithm developed using our years of experience in providing this technology to the Motor Insurance industry. Targify gives feedback on dates travelled, the route taken and acceleration of the driver.

Targify Features

Driving Data Behaviour Capture


Harsh Braking

Harsh Acceleration

Harsh Cornering

Safe Driving & Peace of Mind for Parents

Gain peace of mind

Observe your teen’s driving

Manage their overconfidence

GPS Tracker

Live position locator of the vehicle whether driving or parked

History of journeys and any bad driving events

Real-time information on dates travelled

The Route Taken

Parking Score

App Interface

Handy device and simple mobile app

Full visibility on car location, speed, erratic driving behaviour and the time/distance travelled

Driver rating & parking score

Older drivers can also benefit, Help validate driving skills, encourage confident and safer driving.

Happy customers

User reviews

Safe Driving

Encourage more confident and safe driving