What does Targify do?

Targify provides driver-behaviour information on Novice drivers to the Smartphone of Parents & Guardians.
Information included in the App:

  • Current location of the vehicle: Allows you to know where the vehicle is at any time.
  • Maximum speed of the vehicle on each journey
  • Harsh braking alerts: These are a crucial indicator of risky driving behaviour.
  • Excessive acceleration alerts: A regular amongst young males particularly, it increases the risk of losing control or hitting pedestrians
  • Harsh Cornering alerts: Taking bends too quickly can easily cause a novice driver to lose control and crash.
  • Journey review / history: See the routes taken by the vehicle in the past
  • Driver Score: See how their driving improves week-on-week. We start everyone on 100 points. Points are lost for aggressive driving. 1 is terrible driving. 100 is excellent.

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Will Targify work in any car?

Yes. Targify is designed to work in all cars. However, the slot that the device plugs into (OBD-II slot) into is not always located in a convenient location. For these vehicles you may purchase an accessory cable from us that allows the device to be connected directly to the vehicle’s battery.
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Does Targify work anywhere in the World?

Our launch markets are Ireland & the U.K. However, out-of-the-box, it will work anywhere in the European Union.

If you are based outside of the European Union and are interested in Targify, Contact Us and we will arrange a device for you that will work in your territory but it may cost more owing to Internet access costs.
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How is the Targify device fitted to my vehicle?

The Targify device has no wires and is easily installed in the vehicle by a Parent or Guardian. It plugs into a slot known as the ‘OBD-II’ slot. This slot is usually located in the vicinity of the peddles and steering wheel. The OBD slot looks like this:

A comprehensive list of all OBD-II locations may be found by following this link and selecting your vehicle Make, Model & Year.

In the event that your vehicle’s OBD slot is in an unsuitable location, you may use the battery connection cable, available in our store, to connect to the vehicle’s battery.

Finally, we offer a professional installation service too. This can be ordered by contacting us.

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What’s included with the Targify system?

It’s a simple, two-part system with a device that plugs into the car to monitor driving and an App for parents and to see how their driving is going.

The Targify ‘dongle’ connects to the vehicle’s ‘OBD-II’ port which is, usually, located near the steering wheel /peddles area of the vehicle.

Rarely, this slot is not in a convenient location. In such vehicles, you can purchase our battery-connection lead so the system can still work in your vehicle.

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Why is the driver ‘Score’ so important?

It allows you to see, at-a-glance, whether you son or daughter’s driving is improving. This saves you time. You may then drill into the data and look at each journey if you’re unhappy with their performance.

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How does scoring work?

Our actuarial teams have devised complex computer programs that process data from your device. We assess the severity and frequency of poor driving and dock points accordingly. Our exact formula is a trade secret.
Targify Connected Car 360 looks at the following four factors:

  • Speed
  • Harsh braking
  • Excessive acceleration
  • Harsh cornering

Every driver starts with 100 points. Points are lost for infractions.
Every month we will publish the Top 10. An anonymised report showing the best score achieved by our Top 10 drivers in the same mileage category.

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Does Targify provide 'live' tracking, can I log in at any time to see the location of the vehicle?

Yes. Targify, in addition to Driver Behaviour information, shows the current location of the car at all times. You can see it anytime by just opening the App and clicking on ‘Location’.
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Do insurers recognise this product – will I get a reduction in premiums for using it?

We are currently in discussions with the Motor Insurance industry with a view to securing discounts for Users of Targify. We will update this website and our newsletter subscribers when this happens.

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If the car is stolen, can Targify help locate it?

Yes. Though Targify is not specifically an ‘anti-theft’ tracker, it can provide the location of the vehicle at all times.

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How does the Targify service work?

The Targify device contains professional-grade electronics good enough for commercial use. It is a high-quality apparatus which bears the ‘E’ mark of automotive certification. Given its high-quality and insurance-industry-proven background, you can be assured of quality and accuracy when using our service.

The Targify service includes the airtime to provide a connection to the Targify servers that crunch the data coming from your son or daughter’s vehicle. Our processors take data from your device and run it through a series of algorithms. This enables us to accurately measure the quality of driving and allows parents to view this as information on a convenient smartphone App.

Targify uses the mobile phone network to send data to our servers. If the connection to the mobile phone network is interrupted the device continues to collect driving data and record it. It can retain thousands of items in memory and sends this data to our system for processing when the network connection is restored. So, you miss nothing, even if the vehicle is being driven in an area with no cellular signal.

Once we have all the data, we process it into information and make it available via a secure server to your Targify App, which you may download from the Apple App or Google Play stores:

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Where does the the data go – who has access to it?

All data is sent securely from the Targify device to our secure servers which have passed World-class penetration testing. The data from your device may only be viewed by you, using the Targify smartphone App, and you must have your Username & Password to access it.
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I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

  • Click here to visit the Targify portal
  • Then click on, ‘Forgot your password’, and follow on-screen prompts.

You will need access to the email address you provided at time of ordering in order to change your password.
If you do not have access to this email address anymore, please Contact Us.

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I want to change my Password, how can I do that?

  • Click here to visit the Targify portal
  • Input your current Username & Password. (Your Username is the email address you provided when you ordered Targify)
  • Click on Change Password in the top right of the screen
  • Follow on-screen prompts

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Can Targify be bypassed?

No. If the device is tampered with, we’ll send you an email to let you know.
The device has a rechargeable back-up battery inside so it can still send an alert, even if disconnected from the vehicle.
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Will Targify allow me to set a speed limit that the vehicle cannot exceed?

No. Targify does not limit the speed of the vehicle but it will report the speeds the vehicle travelled at.

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Targify uses the mobile phone network, does it stop working if the signal is lost?

No. If the mobile signal is lost, Targify records driving activity internally and sends it to us when the signal is restored. You will be able to see all journey information that occurred while the signal was lost. During the period of the signal loss only, the precise vehicle position may be incorrect.

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What voltage vehicles is Targify designed to work with, 12V or 24V?

Targify is designed for standard 12V vehicles only. The device will be damaged irreparably if it is connected to a 24V vehicle such as a heavy goods vehicle.

However, we do have a 24V option available. Please Contact Us if you require a 24V version or are unsure. We’ll be happy to assist.

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Any Questions ?

If any of your queries were not addressed in our FAQ’s section please give us a shout.

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