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Use our Get Started PDF Guides or the instructions below.

Get Started


With your device, you will have received your activation number which is unique to you.  Please follow these simple steps to install your device.



Direct OBD Installation Method:

  • The Telematics device plugs into the OBD-II port of the vehicle, which is found inside the vehicle. The OBD-II port location for your vehicle has been specified on the Portal. Please refer to the portal to view the location of the OBD-II port for your specific vehicle.
  • Once you have located the OBD-II port for your vehicle install the Telematics device by simply plugging the device into the OBD port as indicated by the picture on the right.

Successful installation:

  • After successfully installing the Telematics device, it will confirm connection by flashing a Green and Red light in the following sequence: Initial connection – Both Red and Green lights will flash for approx. 20 seconds. ? Confirmation device is connected – Green light will remain lit for approx. 5 min.


Further assistance

For any further assistance or queries please refer to the “Contact Us” section on


Care of your Targify device:

  • It is your responsibility to care for the Targify telematics device whilst it is in your possession. The following guidelines have been provided to assist you in this regard;
  • Device unplug – The device has the ability to detect when it is unplugged from a vehicle. It is your responsibility to check your vehicle for the unplugged device and re-plug the device in the event of an unplug.
  • Vehicle goes for a service – You are required to inform us when your vehicle is being taken for a service. It is suggested that you remove the device before taking your car in for a service. Alternatively, when booking the car in for a service that it is noted on the service job card that a device is plugged into the OBD-II port and needs to be re-plugged by the service technician after the service is complete. It is your responsibility to check before and after the service to ensure the device is plugged into the vehicle.
  • Vehicle goes for a valet – When the inside of the vehicle is entered by an outside party, it is your responsibility to check the device has not been bumped or removed from the vehicle.
  • When removing the device from your vehicle, please ensure the device is treated like any electronic equipment or device and is placed in a safe place away from exposure to excessive temperature variation, moisture or liquid. The device should not be opened or attempted to be opened at any time.
  • When re-plugging the device, check for the flashing lights on the device (green and red). If the lights are not flashing remove and re-plug the device again, taking care to ensure the device is plugged in securely. If the lights are still not flashing please make contact with for further assistance.
  • If there is tampering with the device, where the device has been attempted to be opened or is open, then a report regarding the tampering is sent immediately to our call centre.