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Now there is an easy way to gain peace of mind, by observing your teen’s driving with Targify’s handy, mobile monitoring device.

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I want to know more, how does it all work?


The Targify device contains professional-grade electronics good enough for commercial use. It is a high-quality apparatus which bears the ‘E’ mark of automotive certification. Given its high-quality and insurance-industry-proven background, you can be assured of quality and accuracy when using our service. 


The Targify service includes the airtime to provide a connection to the Targify servers that crunch the data coming from your son or daughter’s vehicle. Our processors take data from your device and run it through a series of algorithms. This enables us to accurately measure the quality of driving and allows parents to view this as information on a convenient smartphone App.


 Targify uses the mobile phone network to send data to our servers. If the connection to the mobile phone network is interrupted the device continues to collect driving data and record it. It can retain thousands of items in memory and sends this data to our system for processing when the network connection is restored. So, you miss nothing, even if the vehicle is being driven in an area with no cellular signal.